About me

I am Rodrigo (Brazilian), I'm from João Pessoa-PB and I am work in Garanhuns-PE and Recife-PE.

Actually, I work as professor and researcher. I am adjunct professor from Federal Rural University of Pernambuco - UFRPE. The courses I teach (or teached) are available in this link .

  • Research Interests:
  • Software Engineering, Mobile Software Development, Distributed Software Development, Experimental Software Engineering. In AI, Ontologies, CBR and Information Retrieval and Extraction

  • Professional Interests:
  • Software engineering, mobile software development, games development, programming languages - java, python, php - GNU/Linux!

  • Personal Interests:
  • I really like sports, as bodybuilding, brazilian jiu-jitsu, soccer, swimming, running, bike, kitesurf and others.. my soccer team is Vasco da Gama (however, sometimes I prefer to forget that :) .

    more details, click here [Portuguese]